University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana

UAHT Together is our commitment to cultivating and preserving a campus culture of connectedness. UAHT aims to constantly bridge diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our campus environment. UAHT Together utilizes our talents, skills and ideas to enrich our community for cultivating the personal growth, knowledge and development of faculty, staff, and students through a diverse culture of learning. UAHT Together strategically develops cultural understanding of ourselves and those around us. UAHT will strategically implement innovative resources to create a more intentional understanding of cultures, while building alliances across differences, and engaging in courageous, inclusive conversations. Our efforts will create a more welcoming institution bridging all to the future, together.

Available Programs

  • Arts, Humanities, and Education
  • Business, Trade, and Industry
  • Math, Science and Social Science
  • Health Professions

University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Locations

  • Hope Campus – Hope, AR
  • Texarkana Campus – Texarkana, AR