Trade Schools in Dallas

Dallas Trade SchoolsRating
BASH Career Institute5.0
DCDS Dental Assisting School5.0
Dallas College Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality Center4.8
Asher College4.7
Texas Career Institute Cna School4.7
Dallas Career Institute4.7
Dallas Dental Assistant School – Lakewood4.7
Learn.LASH.Repeat Training Academy4.7
The College of Health Care Professions4.6
Medical and Dental Assistant School of Dallas4.6
MediaTech Institute4.4
Dallas College Bill J. Priest Center4.4
Concorde Career College – Dallas4.3
CCI Training Center – Dallas Campus4.3
Dallas College Pleasant Grove Center4.3
Dallas College Eastfield Campus4.3
Per Scholas4.1
PCI Health Training Center3.9
Alliance Career Institute, LLC3.8
Universal Technical Institute3.8
Careers Institute Of America3.6

BASH Career Institute

Trade Schools Dallas - BASH Career Institute

I got my CNA certification here and Ms. Genevieve is a very passionate teacher. She not only helped us during the time of the class, but she continued to push us to schedule our exam date and offered to let us come practice in her lab, even after the classroom days were over. She is also very flexible and understands the situations of people who are already working in this field and want to get certified, and she did her best to make it possible for us to take the class with our various circumstances. Bash Career Institute is a place to be. I passed my CNA exams both written and clinical to the glory of God. Kudos to our excellent and well knowledgeable instructor, Madam Genevieve. She supplies you with all the necessary materials you will need to pass your exams. She cares about your success and follows you to the end. The environment of the school is neat, and very conducive for learning. I recommend and encourage anyone who wishes to become a future CNA to enroll here. If your thinking of becoming a CNA, I highly recommend Bash Career with Ms. Genevieve. She is extremely knowledgeable and very effective with teaching.

Address: 13405 Floyd Cir, Dallas, TX 75243

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DCDS Dental Assisting School

Trade Schools Dallas - DCDS Dental Assisting School

My experience at DCDS Dental Assisting School greatly exceeded my expectations. The facility is top notch (practically brand new!) & the class size is small, which I really like. Our teacher, Ashley Smith, makes learning fun & the material easy to follow. You can really tell that Ashley genuinely cares about her students & the program very much. I recommend DCDS Dental Assisting School to anyone looking to make dental assisting your new career. Our orthodontic office has gotten two ortho assistants straight after graduating from this program. Highly recommend this assisting school for anyone pursuing their RDA license! DCDS Dental Assisting School is a 5 star ⭐️ program. This school is amazing with all of the latest and greatest dental tools and technology. Would highly recommend. This is hands down the best school! Ashley, the instructor, makes sure you learn everything needed for the real world and take the time to teach you if there is something you don’t understand! Awesome School! Ashley and the others go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals in the dental field!! It was truly a blessing to have found the program and I know I will succeed in this great field of dental assisting because of Ashley! Such as a great experience!!

Address: 13633 Omega Rd Ste 2, Dallas, TX 75244

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Dallas College Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality Center

Trade Schools Dallas - Dallas College Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality Center

I love it. The themed ambiance of the restaurant was great and the food was well served and very delicious. The students did an amazing and outstanding job with everything. The Tuesday lunch is the highlight of every week. Excellent food and you get to support burgeoning culinary artists. Highly recommended. Incredible school. The chef instructors are extremely knowledgeable and patient. I graduated a year ago, and have never looked back. Incredible facility, took a tour and was blown away, a purchase that is well worth the money. Great space! 👍🏾 …Very good.

Address: 11830 Webb Chapel Rd #1200, Dallas, TX 75234

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Asher College

Trade Schools Dallas - Asher College

I studied in Asher College from 6/2022 to 5/2023. It was a great experience! I appreciate Asher College and all staff members there. Everybody working there is greatful, helpful, friendly and very nice people. The place was super comfy and clean. If you enroll in Asher College You will achieve your goal. I’ve been attending Asher College’s IT program since December 2021. So far the experience has been excellent! The staff and instructors are great people and treat me and everyone else like we’re family. Their students’ success is first and foremost, and they provide a step-by-step process to help us achieve our goals. The instructs make it a point to be accessible whenever you may need them and they have years of real-world experience to back it up! Asher is the truth. if you are serious about not getting an IT education, but getting a career in IT, then enroll at Asher. Asher emphasizes the IT industry standard of certifications. The instructors Smith, Williams and Austin will guide you through your learning journey and prepare you not for a degree or certificate, but for a high paying, professional job.

Address: 9330 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #650, Dallas, TX 75243

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Texas Career Institute Cna School

Trade Schools Dallas - Texas Career Institute Cna School

DO NOT recommend. You pay so the teacher can just read off a book. And when i went to the skills class in person i asked her if she could demonstrate and she answered with “NO, but I’ll tell you”. DO NOT recommend teacher Tiffany Robinson. She’s not mean she is just plane RUDE. Ms. Renata Was an awesome instructor, she prepaired us very well and gave us the tools that we needed to Complete the phlebotomy program successfully. Ms. Renata was an excellent teacher. She made the experience of being in phlebotomy wonderful. I had fun while learning. Learned a lot of information in a short time frame and was able to retain the information. I truly enjoyed this CNA Class everyone. Mrs. Tiffany is a very awesome teacher she really breaks it down for you to understand clearly. Tiffany is super rude. Makes fun of mistakes students make or questions or she just ignore it. I loved the experience I had at this institute. They were very thorough with all the information to assist me with passing my test. My teacher, Ms. Tracy was amazing. Ms.Tiffany Is the best. She is a great instructor she breaks down the class where you can understand everything and pass your exam ❤️

Address: 3302 N Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75228

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Dallas Career Institute

Trade Schools Dallas - Dallas Career Institute

I just completed my CNA course with Miss Morales and she was amazing! She is very detail oriented and knows the testing process inside and out. Memorizing the steps for the skills can seem overwhelming at first, but she makes you practice over and over again until it’s second nature. I highly recommend her class! Mrs. Nohemi Morales was the best teacher ever! We had lots of practice and practical skills. The teacher Nohemi Morales makes sure we understood every step the process and reasoning for why we take all the necessary steps. Our instructor Mrs. Morales really cares about her students actually understanding the content. I had a good time with Ms Grace, her CNA class is amazing. She’s very thorough in her teaching and always ready to repeat whenever you don’t understand. I recommend this class 💯. Definitely recommend taking your training here. The class is awesome, the workers are the best. Mrs. Morales is the best instructor I have ever met. I just finished the CNA program today, and I am very happy with the teaching I received throughout the last 4 weeks. My instructor was Nohemi Morales and she was extremely helpful. If we needed to repeat anything that we didn’t understand, she would go over it until we did.

Address: 9441 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75243

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Dallas Dental Assistant School – Lakewood

Trade Schools Dallas - Dallas Dental Assistant School - Lakewood

I highly recommend Dallas Assistant School at uptown! The staff is wonderful, with great communication. Classes were only once a week for 9 weeks which is great if you have a busy schedule. I’ve learned so much and felt ready when I went to do my externship. A huge plus is that they help you find a job by constantly sending you dental offices in the area hiring. If your thinking of taking this class, definitely do it! You won’t regret it. Dallas Dental Assistant School was such an amazing experience for me! The program is truly in a class of its own in regards to training aspiring dental assistants. There are so many other programs out there that solely seek to take as much money from you as they can without offering proper training that will prepare you for job placement. This was not the case for Dallas Dental Assistant School! Not only was this program very affordable but I learned so much and got to do many hands on tasks that would be required for a dental assistant. The instructors always made sure to answer any questions we may have had and were very relatable.

Address: 2014 Skillman St, Dallas, TX 75214

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Learn.LASH.Repeat Training Academy

Trade Schools Dallas - Learn.LASH.Repeat Training Academy

This was a great experience. Learn how to lash from some amazing teachers. There’s not a question they won’t go out of there way to help you with. Made great friends with the girls in my class. All around it the best decision I ever made for myself. The only thing you will regret is not singing up sooner. 💜 I’m a current student at Learn Lash Repeat. This school has been amazing. They hours are super flexible and works well with my busy schedule. Mildred has been the best and is always there to help with anything i need. All of the instructors have been super helpful with preparing me for everything i need to pass the written and practical tests and with tips to grow my business! Thank y’all <3 I completed my 320 hours for the licensed eyelash extension specialist here! It was the best experience, I am 3 hours away and was able to complete this class. The instructors Gaby & Mildred were amazing! They were very helpful and answered any questions I had to help me through the class. I highly recommend taking this course with them, even if you are hours away! Our instructors are amazing & have so much experience & insight to to give. They’re always willing to answer questions about anything & everything!

Address: 5546 S Hampton Rd, Dallas, TX 75232

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The College of Health Care Professions

Trade Schools Dallas - The College of Health Care Professions

The Medical Billing & Coding program is honestly one of the best classes I have ever decided to take! Not only is my night time instructor Lisa Thomas amazing but she really breaks down the information to a point of understanding!!!! I couldn’t have chosen a better school and program this is definitely a blessing! Ms. Agnew is a phenomenal teacher. She adapts to the students’ learning style while exuding patience and passion. Her teaching techniques guarantees understanding of the course. As a student, she has instilled confidence in me through knowledgeable lectures and repetitive applications. Her work ethic has been a silent teacher in itself. SHE SHOWS UP FOR US. I would like to personally thank her for being supportive of me on my education journey and not allowing me to stray from my career path. Simply put, shes the BEST! I am an MA student and just started my first mod, and I absolutely love CHCP and their instructors. My favorite teacher by far has been Mrs. Araiza. She is one of the most motivating and invested teachers there are here at CHCP. She makes sure that everything is understandable and that you have what you need to do good in class. She makes sure success is in everyone’s plans and cares about each and every student.

Address: 8585 N Stemmons Fwy suite n-300, Dallas, TX 75247

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Medical and Dental Assistant School of Dallas

Trade Schools Dallas - Medical and Dental Assistant School of Dallas

I loved it! Everyone there is so friendly and so willing to help you succeed. I loved that it was a smaller setting so I got more one on one time and was able to learn and fully understand material. The room settings was one of my favorites because it helped me get comfortable with rooming. After completing my schooling they helped me find and externship and the externship was great as well! I’d encourage you to try the school out, it’s great!! Other places told me I was still too young (I am currently 17) but they encouraged me instead of bringing me down and they were also very flexible with their schooling time! Try it out, highly recommend. Don’t let age or time discourage you, you got this! I know the Santana’s both in a professional/school setting and outside of that setting and let me tell you I would have never trusted anyone else with furthering my education then these two. They are truly motivating and dedicated to helping others. I loved the flexibility this school offered compared to others. I was still able to work my 6 day a week job and get my education. I loved my instructor the one on one attention I got from the entire staff truly made a difference.


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MediaTech Institute

Trade Schools Dallas - MediaTech Institute

This school changed my life completely and taught me to be more than just an artist or musician. The professors at MediaTech Institute were amazing in their teaching approach and diverse ability to relate to the students who came from so many perspectives and styles of the craft. The hands in the studio capability giving to the students is awesome and the fact that all bodies of work created by the students in the studios while attending school is 100% owned by the student. Also the network and resources that come along with being apart of the MediaTech Institute family can be very rewarding for those students who have that #hustlegrindmashgetit attitude. Rarely do I leave a review however after touring this location 3 times with 3 different people I have to say Roy has by far exceeded my expectations. He did an in depth tour, sharing the history and different areas within the campus, answered all questions, truly showing the culture and what to expect after enrolling. Thank you Roy for making the process simply, fun and informative! If you get the opportunity to tour this location ASK FOR ROY! Nice spot for artist to present, reveal, and hone their craft. I thoroughly enjoyed it & plan on returning to support in any way I can.

Address: 13300 Branchview Ln, Dallas, TX 75234

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Dallas College Bill J. Priest Center

Trade Schools Dallas - Dallas College Bill J. Priest Center

The Bill J. Priest Center (BJP) has been fundamental to our success at offering first-time offenders and those who express the desire for change and make a commitment to attending our life skills and cognitive classes offered in our Job Readiness Work Camp (JRWC). We highly recommend BJP for those who aspire to make positive influences in the communities we all call home. This photo is from our most recent graduation ceremony at Hoblitzelle Auditorium where 12 JRWC graduates marched the stage. Staff and security were very helpful in directing me to where I needed to go. Nobody was disrespectful. Staff was nice and polite. Every question was answered to one in a understanding way. Work location. Offer ESL and GED classes as well as business development. Check out their other personal and business development offerings. Excellent facility! Really putting in great work for the community! Very good instructors… Awesome school, great folks!

Address: 1402 Corinth St, Dallas, TX 75215

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Concorde Career College – Dallas

Trade Schools Dallas - Concorde Career College - Dallas

The Dental Assistant program is AMAZING!! Best teacher and dental assistant program director if you ask me. Mrs. Brown who is my dental assistant teacher teaches her classes so well, we have lots of hands on training and etc. Ms. Neal who is the dental assistant program director is such a big help. She steps in to teach us a few things every time she visits our classroom and she also helped a lot of us meet our externship deadlines. Both Ms. Neal and Mrs.Brown are great at what they do , they will never let you fail at anything you do on this campus. I definitely recommend this school for the people who are wanting to jump into a fast dental assistant program. Its a GREAT school. My instructor Ms. Brown has been the best leader and teacher I’ve ever experienced. She is always willing to help and answer questions at any time. She is patient, kind, understanding and overall a pleasant individual to be around. She makes everyone feel welcomed and comfortable regardless of their situations which shows she truly cares. I appreciate all her efforts throughout my time here at Concorde and I’m so grateful I got to experience a teaching experience like this one! Thank you Ms. Brown! My experience with the Dental Assistant program was amazing! I was honestly nervous

Address: 12606 Greenville Ave #130, Dallas, TX 75243

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CCI Training Center – Dallas Campus

Trade Schools Dallas - CCI Training Center - Dallas Campus

The people who work for this particular location are great. My second instructor, while new to instructing, was phenomenal. The coursework isn’t what I thought. Cost is somewhat reasonable, though I feel like I could have used primarily online resources and took the certification exams without using student loans. While I don’t regret my education at this school, mostly because of my second instructor, I’m not sure I can recommend this school as a solution for the acquisition of certifications. Additionally, you still have to go to an outside testing facility to get certifications. My Instructor, Dr. Tamara Haskins is not only adept at teaching Information and Technology related courses but also very helpful in every way possible to students for better learning purposes. I had an excellent experience overall with CCI Training Center-Dallas Campus. The staff is awesome and so is the education centre itself. I would recommend CCI Training Centre to anyone anyday. Before entering CCI Training Center, I was fairly new to the IT world. This school has helped me get certified and employed with my first IT job. I highly recommend this school. Dr. Haskins is a Great Teacher! The knowledge of the I.T teacher (Dr. Haskins) is second to none.

Address: 10830 N Central Expy # 410, Dallas, TX 75231

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Dallas College Pleasant Grove Center

Trade Schools Dallas - Dallas College Pleasant Grove Center

Good college and you can vote here. The gentleman in the library is always super helpful and respectful. This is definitely a one stop shop for copy/print/fax services which are slightly more inexpensive than the local library. AWESOME friendly customer service provided at front desk. Nice clean building with an environment of we’re here to help take you to your next academic level. The facility is up-to-date and clean. Went there to vote. No lines out in a hurry. Great. The people there are pleasant and always try to help you to the best of their ability. Went there to vote this morning. Took about 15 minutes.

Address: 802 Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75217

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Dallas College Eastfield Campus

Trade Schools Dallas - Dallas College Eastfield Campus

Cecilia from advisory is AMAZING!!! Every time we come here she is very helpful and understanding. She went all above and beyond to help us today. I really appreciate it. This girl needs a raise asap!!! Thank you 😊 I suggest Richland Campus. I went there to get my Covid Vaccine and it was organized and actually pretty quickly. I was impressed…. Thank you all for being so professional, fast and friendly!!!! Dallas College has turned into a disgrace and a mess. No organization, rude employees, unprepared teachers. It is not even a shell of what it used to be! Very disappointed with the current experience and will no longer recommend students to attend after high school who are unsure to what they want after graduation. Joselyn & Myrna at admissions desk We’re super helpful and efficient they got me signed up for Econnect and got me my transcripts in less than 30 mins and definitely deserve a raise for there hard work and dedication to the current and future students of eastfield college.

Address: 3737 Motley Dr, Mesquite, TX 75150

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Per Scholas

Trade Schools Dallas - Per Scholas

This has been one of the most incredible opportunities a person could hope for! Per Scholas has an incredible education system, personal development system and a staff that cares VERY much about everyone of their students. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity I had with Per Scholars! I learned so much and they prepared me so well for the real world and real experiences in the professional environment! The best experience I had! The entire goal of Per Scholars is to train you as a professional and then if you are good enough, you’ll get the opportunity to become part of the team of a good company! Awesome training with even more awesome staff that are always willing to help. Great place, people are very professional and knowledgeable. Helped me get both my A+ and Network+ certifications, took both tests and passed the first time. What they do here works. Perscholas has changed my life dramatically and will always have a place in my heart and in my Future. The instructors are amazing. They work with you to help you become the best person you can be. I am A+ certified and working on my Network+. I am an alumni from Perscholas. The admissions director does a fantastic job at recruiting people who are determined and hard working individuals.

Address: 211 N Ervay St #700, Dallas, TX 75201

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PCI Health Training Center

Trade Schools Dallas - PCI Health Training Center

PCI Richardson campus is an amazing school to attend! I’ve had a great experience. I loved all the instructors, our classes, even my externship site. From the financial aid process to now receiving my diploma has been a smooth experience! They will make sure you succeed, and help you in any way. Thanks to PCI I have a job I love to do. if you are considering to apply DO IT!!!!!!!I had the best teacher ms. Salamomca was the best teacher. I would definitely recommend Pci in dallasEnrolling here at PCI has been the best choice I could of made. Diana has played a big role in my life ever since I started school here, she made me be the person I am today, every time I need to talk to someone or ask for advise I know I can count on her. Even the financial aid process was easy with Serena’s help. The staff is great. I highly recommend this school because it has such great people that want to see you succeed. Thank you Diana for everything you do for me.PCI has indeed helped me expand my knowledge and get a better understanding of what it is I want from this field. I have had hands on experience that I wouldn’t have had in another school.

Address: 8101 John W. Carpenter Fwy, Dallas, TX 75247

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Alliance Career Institute, LLC

Trade Schools Dallas - Alliance Career Institute, LLC

Scheduled my clinical skill exam here. Easy to find and large lobby area just outside the school. Ms. Jacquline was my proctor. Very welcoming, attentive, and gave easy step-by-step directions. Thankfully my partner and I was first. Great school, great tutors! I think one should focus more on their ability to impart knowledge which is excellent for me and for the students do less of being or wanting more attention. Got the best CNA training ever and If I decide on being a Med Ass. I will go back there. The suite is located in the south building. Ms Charlotte was an amazing exam proctor. Great school! Outstanding teacher who knows exactly how to teach make sure students know the material. I’d give a 10/10 anytime I’m asked about the school! Alliance Career cares for its students, and wants to see its Students succeed…..The professor is very nice and professional, and he will take time to make sure you understand everything before he moves on. The school is great and they are very professional. I will recommend the school anytime!

Address: 9304 Forest Ln #107, Dallas, TX 75243

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Universal Technical Institute

Trade Schools Dallas - Universal Technical Institute

We enrolled my son in the welding program here, and overall we all were very disappointed. They talk it up and sell you on a lot of empty promises, and support that never actually happens. Though the facilities are nice and have mostly nice equipment, there is still a lot left to be desired. They promise this amazing job placement assistance, but this program is terrible at best! My son was only 17 at the time, and all the jobs they supposedly found for him had a minimum age of 18, so no matter how many times he tried to tell them of this issue, they were unable to help him at all. As for the courses them selves, they are very basic, slow and not creative at all. They promise and say the students will be welding 80+ % of the time with tons of great projects for them to do, this is not at all true. Once they complete the simple assignment, the instructors have nothing else for them to do, my son being a very good welder was always one of the first to finish, and then was very bored with nothing left to do!!! Some of the instructors were great, but some were terrible.

Address: 5151 Regent Blvd, Irving, TX 75063

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Careers Institute Of America

Trade Schools Dallas - Careers Institute Of America

Test center is clean & devices are good enough for a test. Otherwise CIA was fine, the staff was very friendly and the room/station was comfortable. I had a certification exam via Pearson in this center. It was nice and clean specially during cvoid situations it matters. 5 stars for maintaining the hygiene. Great testing place. Easy to find and plenty of parking. Easy to check in even if you’re early. Quiet place. AC works well. Clean, quiet, and official. Can’t ask for more when taking an exam. Great place for testing. I took My Ccna here and I passed thank you. Good school and awesome instructors.

Address: 13614 Midway Rd, Dallas, TX 75244

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Trade Schools near Dallas

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