Top 7 Quick and Easy Trades To Learn

There is a shorter path for everyone straight to the paycheck. Today in this article, we will discuss “What is the easiest trade to learn?” Continue reading the article to know more about this topic.

What are Easy Trades to learn?

Being a doctor, engineer or lawyer is quite tricky. You have to complete school, colleges, and Universities to be an expert in this field and earn money. In contrast, there are some skills or jobs like plumber and electrician that you can learn quickly.

So, easy trade can be defined as a trade you can learn quickly. Two more characteristics of easy trade are as follows:

  • Easy trade requires less effort.
  • You can start earning money by learning easy trade very fast. You can start making money as soon as you know how to do the easy trade work properly.

For instance, If you learn the skills of a truck driver within three months, you can immediately start earning money with the talent.

Best 7 Easy Trades To Learn

According to a survey, “92% of executives believe that American workers need to improve their level of expertise.” You can join the workforce by earning a certificate in any special technical education within eight weeks to two years.

Let’s discuss the most popular yet easiest trade skills to learn in the upcoming days.


Welding is among the highest-paying trades in the U.S., with an entry-level wage of over $40,000 per year. Welders create and repair metal products by cutting or joining metals using heat, tools, and equipment.

About 47,600 openings for welders are projected each year, on average, over the decade. Mostly the factories need a large number of welders, and every construction going on and will go on will need a welder.

Truck Driver

Easy Trades To Learn: Truck Driver

Trucks transport goods, whether raw or finished, from producer to consumer. As people expand their businesses, the demand for truck drivers will increase in the following years. Truck drivers offer industrialized societies an essential service.

A truck driver is a person who makes a living by operating a truck and moving materials and goods over land. They frequently travel to and from manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and stores while working any time of day or night.

American Trucking Association projected that the shortage of skilled truck drivers could exceed 160,000 by 2030. The average truck driver’s salary ranges from $45,000 to $100,000 annually. Truck drivers shall know about the maintenance of their trucks and their routes. In order to become a truck driver you will need to get you commercial license at on of many CDL schools near you.

Construction Manager

Overseeing a construction project’s logistics is a construction manager’s primary duty. Allocating responsibilities among different sets of workers throughout a site and scheduling every plan is also their duty.

A construction manager is involved in everything from planning to evaluating in a construction project. The government is investing more than ever to upgrade the infrastructures like roads, bridges, railways, sewer systems, and airports nationwide.

Construction managers can earn $70,000 to $200,000 per year.


Phlebotomy takes blood samples from patients maintaining safety and hygiene standards.

Hospitals, Diagnostic labs, Outpatient care centers, and Blood donation centers usually recruit their in-house phlebotomists.

They can work for doctors’ chambers and mobile phlebotomists. The average pay of a phlebotomist ranges from $30,000-$80,000 per year. The BLS projects 22% growth for phlebotomists by 2030.


Electricians have a vast opportunity in the industry. The working sectors of electricians are as follows:

  • Commercial or residential structures
  • Extensive infrastructures like power plants or factories
  • Distribution or transmission lines

They do the wiring for lighting, power outlets, communication, etc., and the maintenance and repair of electrical systems after installation.

According to the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA),

“Within the year 2027, the number of electricians may increase by 11% to meet the demand in the industry.”

An independent electrician can expect to earn around $26,000- $88,000 a year these days.


Plumbing is one of the best-paying trades in the U.S. Emergency calls on weekends and evenings made it more highly paid. Many establishments also appoint plumbers permanently to their facilities.

Plumbers may work in factories, homes, offices, and water systems. Plumbers are self-employed or run plumbing businesses with some others.

The annual wage of a plumber in the U.S. is generally $50,000- $90,000. Many plumbers working right now are near retirement. So you guessed right, many plumbers will be needed in the future.

Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics inspect, maintain, repair, or overhaul trucks, buses, or any diesel engine.

Heavy machinery like agricultural equipment, construction vehicles, and even power generators run on diesel engines. Diesel mechanics work in their workshops on the roadside or worksites.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for diesel mechanics shall grow 4% within 2031, with 28,500 openings each year. The median salary of diesel mechanics is $45,000.

These trades require skill certification from different certifying institutions or a diploma. Special Training and apprenticeships are needed for specific businesses.

How Can I Start Learning a Quick Trade?

Getting admitted to an accredited institution is the first step to learning a trade. Before getting admitted into the institution, inquire about these three things about the institution:

  • If they are eligible to provide a certificate?
  • Are the instructors that teach at the institution expert in the subject matter?
  • What are the opinions of the students who have previously learned at the institution?

After choosing an institution to learn a trade, ensure you know the trade properly.

Another thing to be noted is that there is no alternative to practical experience. So, after receiving theoretical learning from the institution, you should work under an expert in the trade.

For instance, if you wish to be a plumber, you should work under the supervision of an expert plumber. In that way, you can learn many things and the working techniques of the plumber.

And, always remember, the more you work, the more you get experienced, and the more you learn.

What Is The Easiest High-Paying Trade?

A construction manager is one of the easiest high-paying trades discussed in the article. The average salary of a construction manager is $73,500, and the job growth rate from 2020-2030 is 11.5%.

What Is The Shortest Trade To Learn?

Truck driving is one of the shortest trades to learn, which we discussed in the article. You can learn truck driving within seven weeks and start earning money.

You should know these things: “What is the easiest trade to learn?” Comment below if you want us to review or elaborate on any specific trade.

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