PJ’s College of Cosmetology

Christina Brown is a wife, mother of three, salon owner, stylist, nail tech, and make up artist. Her passion for beauty started at an early age. She worked as an assistant in her family’s salon as a young teenager and quickly fell in love with the industry. She attended prosser during high school then enrolled at PJ’s College of Cosmetology located in Jeffersonville, IN to complete her cosmetology training & become a licensed cosmetologist & salon owner. Christina graduated from PJ’s College of Cosmetology after repeatedly appearing on the Dean’s and Honor’s List in June 2011.
While Christina lives a very full life and stays busy as sports mom, business owner and volunteer, she loves going in to work everyday. “When you do something that you love, there is never a day where you wake up wishing you didn’t have to work” is her typical response when asked how / why she works so much. Her daughters Johna & Brooklyn also enjoy having a stylist and nail tech for a mom and a salon at their finger tips to keep up with whatever new styles are trending.

Available Programs

  • Cosmetology
  • Nail Technology
  • Eshetician
  • Instructor Tranning

PJ’s College of Cosmetology Locations

  • Bowling Green, KY