Trade Schools in Oregon 2023: Top 8 Vocational Schools

In recent years, most young Americans have considered trade schools to be the route to earning high-income jobs. And this is factually true considering the rising demand for trade-related jobs. While traditional universities still have the upper hand, trade schools are slowly and steadily marking their importance.

Trade schools in Oregon

The primary benefit of a trade school is the close connection that can be established between teachers and peers. Unlike traditional classrooms, trade schools inhabit roughly 21 students. This helps the students participate and engage better. The same is true for trade schools in Oregon. Oregon offers some of the best trade schools that aim at enriching and preparing students for different trade-related schools. If you are in search of a trade school in Oregon, then this article is just for you.

Top Trade Schools in Oregon

Oregon Trade Schools

Here are the best trade schools in Oregon. You can explore them to find your desired institute and trade course.

1. The Tech Academy

The Tech Academy was founded in 2014. Since its establishment, the institute has maintained its prominence in providing the best computer education. The primary focus of The Tech Academy is surrounding teaching computer science. The topics are taught in a fun and innovative manner while keeping intact the informative aspect.

The dedicated services of the institute have made it the recipient of many note-worthy awards. The Tech Academy offers seamless training in coding. Today, coding has one of the highest-paying jobs. This institute, therefore, prepares students to master the concepts and bag a promotional job. Some companies that hired students from this institute are Disney, Microchip, Exterro, MindTree, Cook Security Group, etc.

The enrollment fees for each course are: Software Developer Boot Camp – $11,700-$23,400, C# and .Net Framework Boot Camp – $6,750-$13,500, Python Boot Camp – $6,750-$13,500 and Web Developer Boot Camp – $3,600-$7,200.

2. Elite Dental Assisting Academy

The dental field is a very profitable career option. This industry is also, to some extent, safe from recession. The Elite Dental Assisting Academy strives towards educating and building the candidate’s caliber in becoming the best dental assisting professional.

The institute is also certified and licensed by the State of Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board. The certificate implies that the institute meets the requirements set by the Agency’s OAR 333-106-0055 regarding radiation use and safety training. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to sit for the Oregon State Radiologic Proficiency Examination administered by the Dental Assisting National Board.

The institute has exceptional job hire rates. Students from the Elite Dental Assisting Academy get placed even before graduating.

3. East West College of the Healing Arts

The East West College of the Healing Arts was founded in 1972. Students register in the institute to strengthen their knowledge and science behind massage therapy. East West College of the Healing Arts is not just an educational center. It is also a massage therapy clinic. The institute has achieved success and recognition in both domains.

The institute stands on over 35 thousand square feet of land. It houses numerous professional facility members. The aim of the institute is to train the students in offering professionally and skillfully conducted services.

East West College of the Healing Arts offers very important financial aid options. These include The Federal Pell Grant Program and The Federal Direct Loan Program.

Enrollment in the institute demands the students fulfill certain requirements. First and foremost, students must be 18 and above. They should be able to provide proof of education, such as a high school diploma or GED.

 $15,800 is the tuition fee of the institute. While students also have to pay an extra  $100 registration fee.

4. Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology offers 45 specialized courses. This is the largest and most trusted educational institute in Oregon. The institute offers both graduate and post-graduate courses in progressive areas surrounding engineering, health, business, technology, and applied arts and sciences.

The institute aims at providing an innovative and hands-on, project-based learning environment. Students are trained to adopt innovation, win scholarships, and master applied research.

The curriculum of the institute is centered around delivering real-world experiences to the students. This helps and trains the candidates to adapt to work life as soon as they complete the course. 97% of the students from the institute are employed as soon as they complete the course. Some also get enrolled in a good graduate school within six months of course completion.

Some of the major courses offered by the institute are accounting, civil engineering, nursing, mechanical engineering, operations management, health informatics, marketing, geomatics, and many more.

Before enrolling, students need to fulfill certain criteria. They need to fill out the application form. It is mandatory to send the SAT or ACT scores. Submitting proof of education, whether high school or GED, is a must.

The fees for every course vary. However, it is compulsory to pay a $50 registration fee.

5. Epicodus

Epicodus was founded in 2012. However, the first class started only in 2013. With hard work and dedication, the institute has won the trust of many students. Epicodus is an educational institute with a main focus on computer science education, especially coding. The institute aims at fulfilling the mission of training the candidates with skills that are important in the job sector.

Apart from computer science, students are also guided on professional conduct, self-marketing, communication, and many more. The staff of Epicodus is professionals in their respective fields. An interesting fact about the school is that most of its instructors are former Epicodus graduates.

The institute is owned by Michael Kaiser-Nyman. It is governed by Higher Education Coordinating Commission. Epicodus is also liscened under  Chapter 28C.10 RCW.

Successfully graduates have received offers from companies like Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, Shopify, Toyota, and many more.

The tuition for the programming course offered by Epicodus is $8,500.

6. Film Connection

Film Connection is one of the best modern film schools in Oregon. They make use of the latest tools and technologies used in film studios. Studios receive hands-on experience in various aspects of production, editing, and cinematography. They are taken to an actual production studio to learn and acquire effective tricks and techniques.

Under film production and editing, students learn about directing, producing, and screenwriting. They learn all the important concepts inside a real film production company under the guidance of a professional filmmaker. Students also get the chance to fly to Los Angeles or New York and share their movie ideas.

Under cinematography, students learn the techniques involved in capturing a moving image. Successfully completing the course will help the student attain the title of an expert DP, Director of Photography.

The best part of Film Connection is that students are not left to fend for themselves even after completing the course. The institute offers Stay Connected Program. This program is designed to help students find good job opportunities.

The main courses offered by the institute are Film Production & Editing, Cinematography, Screenwriting Workshop, and Film Editing Workshop. The tuition fee for Film Production & Editing is $13,040. At the same time, it is $12,750 for Cinematography.

7. NECA IBEW Electrical Training Center

NECA IBEW Electrical Training Center is a place that trains students with the aim of becoming electricians. Successfully completing the course helps the student bag worthy and high-paying jobs.

The curriculum is fast-paced, with dynamic and relevant courses. With informative classes, students receive hands-on experience to become an expert in the intended field.

The institute also conducts free information orientations. These are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 4 pm. The orientations help the students understand the sector that is the best fit for them.

The courses offered in NECA IBEW Electrical Training Center are Inside Electrical, Limited Energy-A Technician, Limited Residential Electrician, and Journeyman.

Before enrolling, NECA IBEW Electrical Training Center demands the students to fulfill some criteria. Students should be 18 years and above. They should provide proof of education, whether a high school diploma or GED. Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA. It is mandatory for the applicants to be US citizens.

The tuition fees vary for each course. However, students need to pay a $30 non-refundable application fee.

8. National Personal Training Institute

Training institutes have become very popular in recent times. The National Personal Training Institute offers an Integrative educational platform. They have a meticulously designed program that helps enrich knowledge, awareness, and networking in the health, wellness, and fitness industries.

The instructors in the institute work towards familiarizing the students with their own bodies and their needs. This knowledge will help the students when they work with prospective clients in the future. Students, along with the instructors, pledge towards embraces social responsibility and give back to society.

The courses offered by National Personal Training Institute are Master Personal Training Program, Foundations: Movement and Biomechanics, Health and Wellness Guru, Kettlebell Training CEU, Sling Training CEU, The Mindful Trainer, and Fundamental Barbell for Group Training. The fee for all the courses ranges from $99 to $6,300.

The hands-on education and practical experiences help the student find their niche. This will motivate them to work towards efficient and sustainable goals. This institute is best for those who want to pursue a career in personal training, corporate wellness, strength and conditioning, life coaching, or nutritional consulting.

Bottom Line

Trade schools are the best and easy route to settling for high-paying jobs in healthcare, law, technology, and many others. Oregon houses some of the best trade schools. However, it is essential for every student to have a concrete knowledge of what each trade school has to offer. The a

Trade Schools in Oregon

Trade Schools in Oregon

  • Linn-Benton Community College – Albany
  • Clatsop Community College – Astoria
  • Northwest College School of Beauty – Beaverton
  • Central Oregon Community College – Bend
  • Phagans Central Oregon Beauty College – Bend
  • Sage School of Massage & Esthetics – Bend
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College – Coos Bay
  • Phagans Beauty College – Corvallis
  • Lane Community College – Eugene
  • Pacific University – Forest Grove
  • Phagans Grants Pass College of Beauty – Grants Pass
  • Mt. Hood Community College – Gresham
  • Phagans School of Hair Design – Happy Valley
  • Northwest College School of Beauty – Happy Valley
  • Northwest College School of Beauty – Hillsboro
  • Oregon Institute of Technology – Klamath Falls
  • Klamath Community College – Klamath Falls
  • College of Cosmetology – Klamath Falls
  • Eastern Oregon University – La Grande
  • Linfield University – McMinnville Campus – McMinnville
  • Northwest College School of Beauty – Medford
  • Phagans Medford Beauty School – Medford
  • George Fox University – Newberg
  • Oregon Coast Community College – Newport
  • Treasure Valley Community College – Ontario
  • Clackamas Community College – Oregon City
  • Blue Mountain Community College – Pendleton
  • Portland Community College – Portland
  • Concorde Career College – Portland
  • Portland State University – Portland
  • Sumner College – Portland
  • Carrington College, Portland – Portland
  • Aveda Institute – Portland – Portland
  • East West College of the Healing Arts – Portland
  • American College of Healthcare Sciences – Portland
  • Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology – Portland
  • Warner Pacific College Adult Degree Program – Portland
  • Warner Pacific University – Portland
  • Umpqua Community College – Roseburg
  • Chemeketa Community College – Salem
  • Institute of Technology – Salem
  • Phagans School of Beauty – Salem
  • College of Hair Design Careers – Salem
  • Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School – Salem
  • Northwest College School of Beauty – Springfield
  • Columbia Gorge Community College – The Dalles
  • Northwest College School of Beauty – Tualatin

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