Klamath Community College

Klamath Community College was created to fulfill a community vision for improved prosperity. Starting in 1991, a group of community leaders formulated a plan called the Klamath 2002 Vision Statement. The heart of the 2002 vision statement involved rallying community support for a new community college to improve jobs, the local economy, and the regional quality of life. Responding to their extraordinary leadership efforts, in May 1996, Klamath County voters overwhelmingly approved formation of the Klamath Community College Service District with a 79 percent affirmative vote. In addition, voters agreed to establish a $3.5 million tax base to operate the district.

Available Programs

  • Transport, Industry, Engineering, and Agriculture
  • Sciences and Health Sciences
  • Human Resources
  • Business, Technology, and Management
  • Arts, Design, and Transfer

Klamath Community College Locations

  • Klamath Falls, OR