Top 9 Trade Schools in Kentucky

Trade schools in Kentucky may concentrate on hands-on training and work preparation since they don’t provide many general education courses or theoretical lectures. The quicker time to graduation is one of the greatest advantages of attending a vocational school in Kentucky. The average curriculum lasts two years at most. Even quicker pathways exist for many fields.

Trade Schools in Kentucky

Classes usually consist solely of students pursuing the same certification since trade schools don’t offer as many general education courses. If you want to experience a friendly environment with minded people while you pursue your career education, check out this list of the best trade schools in Kentucky.

Top Trade Schools in Kentucky

Best Trade Schools in Kentucky

Live demonstrations and learn-by-doing projects are frequently used at trade schools in Kentucky. On-the-job training is also a component of several programs. This enables students to acquire both training and professional experience simultaneously. Below are some of the top trade schools in Kentucky.

1. College of Technical Education

The College for Technical Education comes under Employment Solutions, Inc. It takes pleasure in providing the most in-demand technical vocations. The institution keeps up with shifting demands by ongoing communication with Central Kentucky companies and, because of its size, can adapt to new trends as necessary.

The college offers several programs such as business trades technician, cosmetology, business operations, medical assistant, esthetics, nail technician, cosmetology apprentice instructor, and medical massage therapy. You will meet with the Financial Aid office to go over the several ways you may pay your tuition.

Students receive job search assistance, monthly career readiness classes, referral to resources, and more. They assist students in locating career opportunities that match their professional training and skills. Students can apply for federal financial aid to attend the programs. The College for Technical Education was accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.

2. Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College

Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College programs can put you on the fast track to well-paying, in-demand employment. To help you graduate quickly and start working, you will receive practical training from instructors who are knowledgeable about the skills and requirements that businesses are seeking.

With knowledge of regional values, these initiatives are tailored to the requirements of neighborhood businesses. Students can opt for associate, diploma, and certificate programs in nursing, computer, information technology, and industrial maintenance technicians. It also offers tuition-free programs. By choosing them, you may receive training for a well-paid, in-demand profession in as little as four months.

The college offers one of the lowest tuition in the state and provides financial aid options to support their education. Scholarships, grants, work-study, loans, and third-party sponsorships are some of the options available. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) has granted Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College accreditation so that it may provide associate degrees.

3. Medical Career and Technical College

Medical Career and Technical College have two separate education centers in Lexington and Danville, in addition to the main campus in Richmond. Programs offered at Medical Career and Technical College include medical assistant, practical nursing, dental assistant, veterinary assistant, medical massage therapy, and medical administration.

Smaller class numbers allow for more personalized education that places more of a focus on laboratory skills, group interaction, and externship opportunities. Preparation for the actual world is provided by the high-caliber learning environment, affordable tuition, and qualified professors that are enthusiastic about teaching.

Students complete their program with an externship where students practice the skills they have gained during their program in a real-world workplace context. Students get certification exams, textbooks, lifetime career support, pet CPR certification for the veterinary assistant program, and course tutoring along with their course. The tuition fee for the programs ranges between $11,275 to $19,150. Financial aid is available for eligible candidates.

4. Lexington Healing Arts Academy

The Lexington Healing Arts Academy (LHAA) offers top-notch massage and yoga education training programs, yoga classes, massage therapy services, and workshops in a wide spectrum of professional and private wellness practices.

Students can select the day, night, weekend, or online massage programs that best suit their schedule. The study halls, massage coaches, tutoring, licensure exam preparation programs, placement assistance, free yoga sessions, and other amenities they offer are all part of their effort to create a good, encouraging workplace.

Aspiring candidates can use the form on the official website to find out more about the financial aid offered and tuition fee for the programs. The Kentucky State Board of Proprietary Education granted Lexington Healing Arts School its private occupational school license in August 1999.

5. American College of Barbering

American College of Barbering strives to provide the greatest quality education and training possible. The school focuses on addressing the requirements of the community and assisting students to reach their personal and professional objectives and, eventually, find gainful work in the barbering industry.

The school maintains a professional environment where an accomplished and committed faculty supports students’ interpersonal and practical abilities. A progressive curriculum, slideshows, tripods, mannequin heads, planned lesson plans, and exercises are all included in demonstration and theory classrooms.

There are ten stations in the clinic section, one office, two restrooms, a break space, one television, and a laundry room. There is also a classroom, waiting/lobby area, dispensary, and two facilities. The school offers financial aid to eligible students to support their program funding. It also provides job placement assistance to successful candidates.

6. Murray State University

At Murray State University,148 programs are available from academic colleges and schools to help students choose their desired path. Seven colleges, schools, and institutes of learning with a specific mission to support students in achieving their goals are responsible for organizing the academic programs. The university offers various types of degrees, including area, minor, major, certificate, graduate, and doctorate.

Some of the programs include accounting, education, advertising, nursing, agricultural science, business administration, archaeology, career and technical education, and computer information systems, among plenty of other options. Aspiring students can look up the fees for their desired programs through the university’s dedicated page.

With the help of institutional, state, and federal funding, the Office of Financial Assistance aims to provide students with the means to pursue higher education. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has granted Murray State University accreditation to provide associate, bachelor, master’s, specialty, and doctoral degrees.

7. Sullivan University

Sullivan University offers career-focused programs that prepare students to take on challenges and achieve success in their field. The university offers a litany of certificates, diplomas, and associate degree programs, along with programs for bachelor and graduate degrees. The certificate programs take 12 months, while the diplomas are 9 to 18 months.

Students can complete their associate’s degree in 18 to 24 months. Sullivan offers quick and adaptable career-focused programs. Allied health, nursing, hospitality studies, legal studies, pharmacy, business and technology, and physician assistant are some of the programs that the university offers.

The tuition fee starts at $275 per credit hour and can go up to $520 per credit hour. The school offers several financial aid options to eligible candidates. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) has granted Sullivan University accreditation to grant associate, bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The Kentucky Commission on Postsecondary Education has granted Sullivan University a license.

8. Beckfield College

With a location in Florence, Kentucky, Beckfield College is a school that emphasizes careers. Beckfield College has made it its mission to offer both higher education and vocational training. It focuses on helping students who are devoted to changing their lives for the better.

To assist the personal and professional career development of excellent students, the College is committed to providing a tailored learning environment. The college offers programs in practical nursing, diagnostic medical sonography, business administration associates, medical billing and coding, and medical massage therapy, among others.

Beckfield College offers several financial aid programs, scholarships, and grants to help students support their education. To offer bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and certificates, the college has institutional accreditation from the Accrediting Board of Health Education Schools.

9. Knight School of Welding

The Louisville, Kentucky, area’s Knight School of Welding carries out minor welding tasks and provides a variety of welding certification courses. By enrolling in the program, you can get certified in 4 to 6 weeks, which can lead you to a fruitful lifelong career. With the pipe welding, MIG, STICK, and TIG training classes, you will gain practical knowledge to excel in the field. The school charges much less than other welding schools and offers courses both during the day and at night for your comfort.

The schools provide services in welding, metal fabrication, certification testing, welding training programs, certified inspection services, and career services. With our lifelong job assistance, they continue to support you after your training and licensure. They can assist you with your job hunt, your resume, and your welding exam preparation.

The programs cost between $4,100 and $5,500. The schools offer several funding sources to financially aid students for the programs. They also have scholarships and grant options. Several employers who have partnered with the school recruit the students. Knight School of Welding is an American Welding Society-accredited testing center.

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Students in Kentucky often enroll in a program and remain in the same group for each lesson. Learners may adjust more quickly if they are surrounded by other peopl

Trade Schools in Kentucky

The below list of trade schools are available in Kentucky.

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