Jobs Working with Children – 26 Best Options 2023

A profession working with children could be the best fit for you if you love kids and want to have a good impact on their lives. There are many occupations available that match your love and interests, whether you like to work, teach, nurture, or assist children.

Jobs Working with Children

Working with kids not only provides personal fulfillment but also enables you to support the growth and welfare of the following generation. This article will discuss many careers dealing with kids, the skills needed for each, and the advantages of doing so.

Highest-paying jobs working with children

Highest-paying jobs working with children

These roles not only provide an opportunity to make a positive impact on young lives but can also offer lucrative financial rewards.

1. Pediatricians

Average Annual Salary: $169,000

Pediatricians are experts in conditions that affect children’s health. Pediatricians, who are equally trained and competent as other medical specialists, have the rare opportunity to monitor children’s development, ensure their safety, and uphold their health.

2. Pediatric Dentist

Average Annual Salary: $161,000

To preserve children’s dental hygiene, pediatric dentists are essential. In addition to giving children the dental treatment they require, they also teach them proper hygiene practices that will benefit them all their lives. A crucial component of this job is ensuring that kids have a reassuring and good dental experience.

3. Elementary school principal

Average Annual Salary: $130,000

The daily management of the schools is the responsibility of the principals of elementary schools. They oversee class schedules, carry out the curriculum, deal with conduct problems, and engage with students of all ages. Since this position requires watching and analyzing classes and students, principals frequently need a school administration license.

4. Child Psychologist

Average Annual Salary: $71,231

Child psychologists or therapists have the rewarding yet challenging task of diagnosing and treating mental health disorders in children. This profession often requires advanced degrees and state licensure. Child psychologists can work in private practices, hospitals, and schools or even be called upon by law enforcement for exceptional cases.

5. Pediatric Nurses

Average Annual Salary: $71,000

Children in various hospital settings receive specialized nursing care from pediatric nurses. They are responsible for administering medication, carrying out diagnostic procedures, monitoring patient health data, and ensuring the general well-being of their young patients. This kind of employment may be emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting, although being similarly fulfilling.

Jobs working with special needs children

Working with special needs children is a calling that requires empathy, patience, and a genuine passion for making a positive impact on the lives of these remarkable individuals.

1. Speech-language Pathologists

Average Annual Salary: $68,000

Speech-language pathologists specialize in providing therapy for kids with speech disorders. By utilizing a range of techniques, resources, and experiences, they assist young patients in enhancing their speech clarity and overcoming any communication difficulties they may suffer.

2. Occupational Therapists

Average Annual Salary: $72,000

The main objective of occupational therapists is to increase patients’ independence and mobility. Young children who might need assistance with walking, playing, or taking care of themselves are helped by them. They use tailored strategies and interventions to help youngsters develop the required skills and reach their full potential.

3. Special Education Teachers

Average Annual Salary: $47,000

Special education teachers are crucial contributors to the educational system because they work with pupils who have a variety of physical, mental, or emotional issues.

Jobs working with children

Jobs working with children

These diverse jobs involve working with children, highlighting their unique responsibilities, qualifications, and the immense rewards they bring.

1. School Nurse

Average Annual Salary: $50,000

Children who suffer accidents or illnesses throughout the school day are given vital medical attention by school nurses. In addition to delivering CPR, wound care, pharmaceutical administration, and mental health therapies are among their duties. They also maintain constant communication with parents, particularly for students requiring continuous care due to chronic illnesses.

2. Family Support Worker

Average Annual Salary: $51,000

Children who get sick or hurt at school can get critical medical treatment from school nurses. In addition to doing CPR, delivering drugs, and caring for wounds, their duties also include treating mental illness. This profession involves frequent interaction with children and carries the responsibility of ensuring their safety. If a child is found to be inadequately cared for, family support workers initiate necessary steps for removal and placement in adoptive or foster families.

 3. Youth Rehabilitation Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $30,000

Youth rehabilitation specialists supervise minors who have committed criminal offenses. This challenging role involves working in a juvenile detention center. By ensuring the safety of these children, rehabilitation specialists aim to discipline them constructively and provide opportunities for their positive development.

4. School Counselor

Average Annual Salary: $47,000

If a kid becomes ill or injured while at school, school nurses are there to offer them vital medical treatment. Wound care, pharmaceutical administration, CPR, and mental health therapy are some of their duties. To work in this field, school counselors typically hold a master’s degree and a state license.

5. Recreation Worker

Average Annual Salary: $30,000

There are parks and public recreation places in many towns where kids may play, interact with others, and enjoy themselves. Recreational professionals may assist families in making use of the recreational options in their community by facilitating these activities. This role involves organizing and overseeing various recreational programs and events for children.

6. Elementary School Teacher

Average Annual Salary: $46,000

Teachers in elementary schools have a significant effect on a child’s entire development. They are responsible for making sure that elementary, middle, and high school students have thorough educations. Outside of the classroom, teachers typically serve as social networks and role models for their students. For work as an elementary school teacher, a bachelor’s degree in education is often required, along with any qualifications or licenses dependent on the subject or grade level taught.

7. Teacher Assistant

Average Annual Salary: $24,000

You will be a significant resource for instructors teaching students of school age in the classroom as a teacher assistant. You can be responsible for obtaining materials, aiding pupils with their assignments, and maintaining a structured learning atmosphere. The fact that teacher assistants can work without having the same degree of certification as instructors give aspiring teachers a wonderful opportunity to obtain experience while finishing their education or license requirements.

8. School Crossing Guard

Average Annual Salary: $27,000

School crossing guards are essential in communities where children walk to school. They play a vital role in ensuring the safety of students by directing traffic and providing instructions as children cross the street to reach school or return home.

9. School Bus Driver

Average Annual Salary: $33,000

School bus drivers have to carry children to and from school in a secure manner. They undergo specialized training and hold certifications to operate school buses. School bus drivers often develop relationships with the children they transport, particularly if they serve the same routes over an extended period.

10. Cafeteria Staff

Average Annual Salary: $24,000

Meals for pupils are prepared and served by cafeteria staff at schools. They are essential in supplying nourishing meals, such as hot lunches, breakfasts, and snacks. While this position requires less training than others, it provides frequent contact with kids, which promotes their general well-being.

 11. Early Childhood Educator

Average Annual Salary: $32,000

Early childhood educators are crucial since they are a child’s first teachers. Students’ meals are prepared and served by staff members in the cafeterias. They are essential in supplying nourishing meals, including hot lunches, breakfasts, and snacks. In contrast to other jobs, this one requires less training but gives frequent contact with kids, which promotes their general well-being.

12. Childcare Center Manager

Average Annual Salary: $65,632

Childcare centers and preschools require skilled directors to ensure their smooth operation. In educational facilities, cafeteria personnel cook and serve the students’ meals. Delivering healthful meals like hot lunches, breakfasts, and snacks depends on them. Although less training is required for this position than for others, it nonetheless provides frequent contact with kids, which benefits their general well-being.

13. Professional Nanny

Average Annual Salary: $25,000

Families with busy schedules or active lifestyles often hire professional nannies to provide in-home childcare services. Nannies work independently and offer personalized care for individuals or families. While higher education is not always required, experience is highly valued in securing higher-paying nanny positions.

14. Children’s Photographer

Average Annual Salary: $49,000

Being a portrait photographer that specializes in children’s photography may be a rewarding job if you have a passion for photography and experience dealing with kids. You take excellent photos of people or families as a freelance photographer, with an emphasis on kids. Success in this position depends on having strong social skills, especially when dealing with youngsters.

15. Camp Counselor

Average Annual Salary: $23,000

Camp counselors are responsible for creating a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the youngsters at summer programs. Whether they work at overnight or day camps, counselors engage in a range of activities like swimming, boating, music, theatre, hiking, and more. To protect campers’ safety, first aid and CPR instruction are frequently necessary. A special chance to make a difference in children’s lives while promoting personal development and developing lifelong memories is provided through camp counseling.

16. Physical Education Instructor

Average Annual Salary: $48,000

By encouraging children’s physical fitness and general health, physical education teachers perform a key role in schools. Summer camp counselors are responsible for creating an enjoyable and secure atmosphere for the children while they are there. Whether they work at day camps or sleepaway camps, counselors engage in a range of activities like swimming, boating, music, drama, hiking, and more. One needs a particular degree in physical education and a state license to serve as a P.E. instructor.

17. Sports Coach

Average Annual Salary: $47,000

Being a coach may be a very fulfilling experience since it enables you to support a child’s personal growth and see them accomplish defined objectives. Young athletes need coaches to teach them sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill development.

18. Children’s Entertainer

Average Annual Salary: $61,000

If you have a unique talent, such as performing magic, singing, or playing an instrument, you can channel your skills into entertaining children. Many parents seek activities or entertainment for private parties, making it an excellent opportunity for individuals with special gifts to engage and captivate young audiences.

19. Pediatric Nutritionists

Average Annual Salary: $49,000

Pediatric nutritionists are essential in assisting parents and other caregivers in establishing healthy lifestyles for children since children’s nutrition is just as important as adults. They examine children’s nutritional needs, offer advice on balanced meals, and guarantee healthy growth and development.

20. Children’s Hairstylist or Barber

Average Annual Salary: $36,000

Maintaining hair hygiene and offering services like haircuts, coloring, and style are the responsibilities of hair stylists or barbers that specialize in the care of children’s hair. To provide a delightful experience for young consumers, working with clients of all ages, including youngsters, involves specialized strategies and abilities.

21. Library Professional

Average Annual Salary: $50,000

Children’s safety and enjoyment are the responsibility of camp counselors throughout the summer programs. Regardless of whether they work at day camps or sleepaway camps, counselors engage in a wide range of activities, such as swimming, boating, music, theatre, hiking, and more. This role carries immense satisfaction as librarians can shape the reading habits of young children, leaving a lasting impact for years to come.

22. Museum Curator

Average Annual Salary: $42,000

Curators at museums are in charge of organizing displays and collections. Working at a children’s museum offers a special chance to teach kids a variety of subjects. Curators may also lead educational tours for school children, fostering their curiosity and love for learning.

23. Creative Art Therapist

Average Annual Salary: $36,800 Creative art therapists design and facilitate therapy and recreation sessions that utilize art as a medium of expression. Children often find it challenging to articulate their feelings verbally, and art therapy provides them with a valuable outlet for emotional communication. This rewarding career offers daily inspiration through the power of creativity.

24. Child and Family Counselor

Average Annual Salary: $39,900

Camp counselors are responsible for creating an enjoyable and secure atmosphere for the children throughout their stay at summer camps. Counselors participate in a range of activities, including swimming, boating, music, theatre, hiking, and more, whether they work at day camps or sleepaway camps.

25. Juvenile Justice Attorney

Average Annual Salary: $64,500

Juvenile justice lawyers specialize in representing minors who have committed criminal offenses. Pursuing this career path involves completing college and law school and passing the state bar exam. By advocating for fair treatment and representing the best interests of children within the justice system, juvenile justice attorneys contribute to positive change and raise awareness about children’s social and legal issues.

26. Music Therapist

Average Annual Salary: $50,000

Working as a music therapist for children involves using the therapeutic power of music to help individuals who struggle with verbal communication. Musical proficiency is a requirement for this role, along with a compassionate understanding of the unique needs of young clients.


Embarking on a career working with children is a worthwhile pursuit that rewards both your dedication and the time invested. Whether you’re taking your initial steps into the professional world or contemplating a career transition, numerous opportunities exist to merge your passion for assisting children with the practical aspect of earning a livelihood.

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