Industrial Management Training Institute

The Industrial Management and Training Institute was founded in 1985. The Institute has a bookstore and library complete with all necessary technical references, 8 lecture rooms, 6 laboratories and a 3,000 square foot classroom for Solar PV and Solar Thermal training. IMTI has a primary mission to provide up to date professional training programs that will prepare our students for gainful employment or advancement in their chosen fields of technology.

IMTI is dedicated to giving men and women the best possible training and education in technical fields that will allow them to meet the job requirements of modern industry. IMTI provides the most up to date courses available and teaches industry’s methods through intensive classroom study and practical hands-on training.

Available Programs

  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • C,T, & L CEU
  • Electrical CEU
  • P1, P3, P9 CEU
  • License Prep
  • P2, P4, P8 CEU
  • Solar Courses
  • EPA Certifications

Industrial Management Training Institute Locations

  • Waterbury, CT