Top 11 Trade Schools in Indiana: Vocational Training

Trade schools in Indiana provide some of the best education in several high-demand careers. The programs offered in these schools prepare students for skilled jobs with ongoing training that can help them enter their chosen careers in a short period. Moreover, trade schools in Indiana are a better option compared to traditional colleges as the students won’t have to carry the burden of heavy student loan debt.

Best Trade Schools in Indiana

Choosing the right trade school in Indiana can help you gain the right knowledge and skills required for your profession. To help you in your journey to kick-start your chosen career, read this list of the best trade schools in Indiana.

Best Trade Schools in Indiana

Top 11 Trade Schools in Indiana

Programs in car repair, cosmetology, plumbing, culinary arts, computer coding, and several more fields are available at trade schools in Indiana. The duration of these programs might be anywhere between two months and two years. These institutions provide application-based knowledge that gets students ready for the workforce and their chosen areas. Here are some of the best trade schools in Indiana.

1. Lincoln College of Technology

Lincoln College of Technology offers career training services, educational guidance, and practical work training to assist students in achieving professional success. Students receive a well-rounded education in improved learning environments under the direction of highly trained, experienced instructors.

The job training programs are intended to provide students with valuable skills they can use right away. They also learn information that will help them develop and reach the heights of their potential in the workplace. They offer career training in fields including automotive, health sciences, spa and cosmetology, skilled trades, business and information technology, and culinary.

Students can choose from various class schedules, including day shifts, afternoon and evening classes to suit their needs. The school offers financial aid, admission counseling, and career placement services to ensure the overall growth of aspiring students.

2. Central Nine Career Center

The Central Nine Career Center is a pioneer in vocational and technical education in the area. It is well known for developing student potential and creating a workforce of skilled and accomplished workers. The institution provides students the freedom to explore occupations in a special and cutting-edge learning environment.

The school gives them the tools they need to complete the requirements for Graduation Pathways. The school offers more than 30 programs in fields including construction & landscape, protective services, health sciences, manufacturing, human services, transportation, and media & information tech.

Every day of the workweek, students participate in their chosen program during either the morning or afternoon session. Students at Central Nine get the chance to network in the sector, participate in interesting extracurricular activities, and complete an internship. Nine partner schools in Johnson and Marion Counties are served by the programs offered by Central Nine.

3. Southern Indiana Career & Technical Center

At the Southern Indiana Career & Technical Center (SICTC), high school students can get instruction in 20 different fields of study, taking advantage of the most recent equipment and developing technology. While preparing students for success, SICTC exhibits a dedication to offering top-notch STEM programs in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math.

The school offers programs in a variety of fields, including welding, advanced manufacturing technology, building construction technology, criminal justice, cybersecurity, health sciences, graphic communications/digital media, electrical technology, diesel service technology, culinary arts, automotive service technology, architecture & engineering design technology, and more.

Most programs are taught by experts who have worked in the fields they have been teaching for some time. Students have the chance to pick up a set of skills that will help them get ready for college or a profession. A student must fill out and apply if they want to register in an EVSC Career and Technical Education program. The application will be assessed by the Career and Technical Screening Committee.

4. Calumet Welding Center (CWC)

The Calumet Welding Center (CWC), located in Griffith, Indiana, was built to meet the training requirements of the general public and several regional welding businesses. The school offers flexible training schedules and programs to suit the needs of the students. Like on-the-job training, learning happens in a hands-on shop setting where students also get networking opportunities. In addition, comprehensive technical training is also offered in classroom settings.

The school offers fast-paced programs that have regular start dates and may be finished in three to six months. Some of the programs offered include pipe and plate welding, structural plate welding, SMAW & GMAW welding, and continued education in SMAW pipe welding. Students get to study under the supervision of professionals and experts in the industry.

AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) are on hand at CTS as an American Welding Society (AWS) Accredited Testing Facility to offer certification advice to get the best outcomes. To help students with educational needs, the school offers various payment plans, Workone Grant, GI Bill, AWS scholarship, and Mike Rowe Works scholarship.

5. The Electrical Training Institute

The Electrical Training Institute is regarded as one of the nation’s top training facilities for the union construction sector. The institute is a cutting-edge educational facility where devoted students may obtain thousands of hours of classroom teaching. They also receive on-the-job training from the finest professionals in the electrical industry over the course of five years.

Electrical wiring and circuits, instrumentation, computer programming, and telecommunications are among the subjects covered in the advanced training curriculum. Graduates get intensive safety instruction as well as OSHA training in addition to courses in applied mathematics and real-world application. The Instrumentation Technician certification from EPRI, the International Society of Automation (ISA) CCST, and the industrial cabling certification from BICSI are further credentials that are offered.

Through a partnership with Ivy Tech Community College, many graduates obtain not only their Journeyman Electrician certification but also an associate degree. The school was built on a partnership between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 481 and the National Electrical Contractors Association.

6. Indianapolis Dental Assistant School

The Indianapolis Dental Assistant School was established to give students a chance to become Dental Assistants by offering all the knowledge, expertise, and prerequisites you need to enter the profession. The school has made it possible for thousands of students for a fraction of the cost of other institutions. It is a 12-week dental assistant program that you can finish without the financial burden of debt or the years of formal education.

An extensive hybrid learning program combines self-paced online lectures and at-home learning. In an actual Indianapolis dental practice, you will take a 4.5-hour lesson every week that is solely focused on teaching and honing your lab skills. There are several schedules and places available for students to attend the lessons, including Saturdays. The week will consist of lectures, activities, online quizzes, and reading assignments for the students.

By providing low tuition and various payment options, the school assists students in completing the Indianapolis Dental Assisting Programme without worrying about heavy educational expenses. In addition to a specialized staff of employment aid experts assisting you in your job hunt in Indianapolis, the increased career services also feature work readiness laboratories in the classroom.

7. Indiana School of Phlebotomy

The Indiana School of Phlebotomy is a part of five sister schools located in various parts of the country. The specialized curriculum was created by a group of medical specialists, educators, and healthcare workers. The certification success rates of our students are among the highest in the nation. The school offers low-cost, short-term programs in allied healthcare to provide practical training, skill, and knowledge to make students career ready.

The small class size of the programs helps students gain skills in a better learning environment. The programs offered include phlebotomy, EKG Technician, Accelerated Phlebotomy, Clinical Laboratory Assisting, and Clinical Medical Assisting. It also offers workshops in Advanced Wound Care, Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid, IV Infusion, Advanced Phlebotomy Techniques, and Paramedical Examiner.

The Office of Career and Technical Schools has recognized the institution and given its accreditation. The schools have partnerships to provide clinical externships at local hospitals, labs, and universities. The Indiana School of Phlebotomy provides graduates with free career counseling services. The school offers resume reviews, career counseling, and job postings to help students begin their careers.

8. Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College is a two-year vocational school that offers over 70 academic programs, with classes held in over 75 communities across the state. The school offers social assistance, 8-week courses, adaptable class schedules, and academic and career mentoring. To provide students with training and career possibilities, more than 2,500 state-wide firms team together with Ivy Tech.

The school offers transfer programs, accelerated programs, Ivy+IT Academy, High School programs, apprenticeships, degrees, and certificate programs. Some of the fields include Aviation technology, healthcare, information technology, building & construction, advanced manufacturing, business, and transportation & logistics.

For the programs, you pay a single amount that covers both your tuition and any necessary textbooks. It makes the institute one of the least expensive choices for higher education in Indiana. It charges just $149.55 per credit hour, or $2,243.25 each semester. Ivy Tech provides a variety of alternatives to pay your fees to save money on your education. These include gift assistance choices like scholarships, grants, and different fee remissions that you don’t have to pay back.

9. Porter County Career & Technical Education (PCCTE)

Porter County Career & Technical Education (PCCTE) provides academic, technical, and employability skills that prepare students for the future. The Career and Technical Education Center in Porter County provides experiential learning opportunities to students. The credits you earn can be used for a two- or four-year college. In addition, you will get qualifications that are respected by organizations and sectors and might help you land a career right out of school.

The school offers programs in agriculture, architecture & construction, arts, AV technology, & communication, business & marketing, education & training, health & sciences, hospitality & human services, information technology, manufacturing, public safety, transportation, and veterinary.

Students gain career planning skills, self-awareness, and work attitudes and build fundamental workforce abilities through a structured program of career education. With the help of PCCTE, students may begin their college transcript while still in school. PCCTE is now intimately linked to colleges, apprenticeship programs, the community college system, and numerous trade and technical institutions.

10. DaySpring Career Institute (DSCI)

The state-approved DaySpring Career Institute (DSCI) prepares students for respectable, effective, professional, and compassionate employment in healthcare institutions. The institute aims to provide a solid foundation so that students can achieve success in their chosen fields. 90% to 95% of the alumni are either employed, have found employment in their industry, or have continued their studies.

The school offers training programs to become Certified Nursing Assistants and Qualified Medication Aides. Individualized classroom and clinical education are offered by the school. Students who complete the training programs can take an exam or assessment to get credentials in the specialization of their choice.

With practice in a reputable setting with top-notch care, DSCI hopes to assist students in strengthening and applying the abilities they have already learned in the classroom. Compared to other CNA programs, the tuition offered by the school is quite affordable.

11. Mechanical Skills, INC.

Mechanical Skills, INC. is a plumbing apprenticeship school that offers four-year training programs. A group of consultants, teachers, and professionals in coding and business have designed the curriculum. The teachers are independent contractors with training in instructor facilitation and practical experience.

With a four-year program, you will gain knowledge in the classroom and via practical experience in the plumbing business. During the apprenticeship program, you will study the fundamentals of plumbing, in-depth understanding of plumbing design, rules governing optimal plumbing practices, and how to put all you have learned into practice.

As one of the best plumbing school programs in the country, the Mechanical Skills Plumbing Apprenticeship School program has earned high rankings. The Indiana Plumbing Commission and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship Training have both given their approval to Mechanical Skills, Inc.’s non-profit apprenticeship training program.

Winding Up

While searching trade schools in Indiana, it is essential to look for the accreditation of the programs and the credibility of the institution. If you wish to gain financial assistance, look for schools that offer multiple choices to help you fund your education.

Trade Schools in Indiana

The below list of trade schools are available in Indiana.

  • Anderson University Indiana – Anderson
  • Summit Salon Academy – Anderson – Anderson
  • Indiana University – Bloomington – Bloomington
  • Tricoci University of Beauty Culture – Bloomington
  • Rogers Academy of Hair Design – Evansville
  • Ross Medical Education Center – Evansville
  • The Salon Professional Academy – Evansville
  • University of Evansville – Evansville
  • University of Southern Indiana – Evansville
  • Indiana Institute of Technology – Fort Wayne
  • Purdue University Fort Wayne – Fort Wayne
  • Ravenscroft Beauty College – Fort Wayne
  • Ross Medical Education Center – Fort Wayne
  • Rudae’s School of Beauty Culture – Fort Wayne
  • Trine University-Regional/Non-Traditional Campuses – Fort Wayne
  • University of Saint Francis – Fort Wayne
  • Indiana University – Northwest – Gary
  • Lil Lou’s Beauty and Barber College – Gary
  • Lil Lou’s Beauty and Barber College – Hammond
  • Purdue University Northwest – Hammond
  • American College of Education – Indianapolis
  • Aveda Fredric’s Institute – Indianapolis
  • Aviation Institute of Maintenance – Indianapolis
  • Butler University – Indianapolis
  • Empire Beauty School – Indianapolis
  • Fortis College – Indianapolis
  • Indiana Wellness College – Indianapolis
  • International Business College – Indianapolis
  • Ivy Tech Community College – Indianapolis
  • Kenny’s Academy of Barbering – Indianapolis
  • Lincoln College of Technology – Indianapolis
  • Marian University – Indianapolis
  • Martin University – Indianapolis
  • Purdue University Global – Indianapolis
  • Textures Institute of Cosmetology – Indianapolis
  • Tricoci University of Beauty Culture – Indianapolis
  • University of Indianapolis – Indianapolis
  • Caris College – Jeffersonville
  • Ideal Beauty Academy – Jeffersonville
  • Mid- America College of Funeral Service – Jeffersonville
  • Indiana University – Kokomo – Kokomo
  • Ross Medical Education Center – Kokomo
  • Summit Salon Academy – Kokomo – Kokomo
  • Christina and Company Education Center – Lafayette
  • Ross Medical Education Center – Lafayette
  • Tricoci University of Beauty Culture – Lafayette
  • Ball State University – Muncie
  • Ross Medical Education Center – Muncie
  • Indiana University – Southeast – New Albany
  • Indiana University – South Bend – South Bend
  • Indiana State University – Terre Haute
  • J Michael Harrold Beauty Academy – Terre Haute

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