Top 10 High Paying Medical Jobs with Little Schooling

Medical jobs are some of the most in-demand occupations in the United States. The aging population and advances in medical technology are two factors driving the growth of these professions. While some medical jobs require a 4-year degree or more, many high-paying medical jobs with little schooling can be obtained by anyone who is keen and willing to do the work.

High Paying Medical Jobs with Little Schooling

With the rising expenses of medical schools, these low schooling yet high-paying medical jobs provide an excellent return on investment for those who want to enter the healthcare industry. The demand for these jobs is expected to grow at a faster-than-average rate in the coming years.

So, if you’re looking for a high-paying job in the medical field but don’t have a lot of schooling, this article is right for you. Here, we’ve enlisted the top 10 high-paying medical jobs that might suit your requirements. But before moving on to it, let’s get an idea of the amount of schooling needed and the benefits of these jobs.

How Much Minimum Schooling is Required for These Types of High Paying Medical Jobs?

Many medical jobs in the industry require the least schooling eligibility. Yet, by doing them, you can earn a lucrative income. So, do you know how much schooling you need to get such a suitable medical job? Although it primarily depends on the job type you are interested in, here are the minimum schooling requirements for these high-paying medical occupations.

  • The minimum qualification for most of these jobs is a high school diploma or equivalent GED.
  • Jobs such as registered nurses and certified nurse assistants usually require an associate’s degree or diploma from an accredited nursing program.
  • Jobs in medical coding and billing require a certificate from an accredited training program.
  • Jobs in medical research typically require a bachelor’s degree, although some positions may require a master’s degree or higher.

Benefits of High Paying Medical Jobs with Little Schooling

Now that you have already learned about the advantages of high-paying medical jobs with minute schooling, here are some of its perks. Have a look!

High Salary

These jobs offer a high salary for limited hours. It tends to appeal to someone who does not want to commit to a full-time job or wants more time for their personal life.

Talking about the salary packages of these professions, medical assistants typically make $32,000 per year, working only 40 hours a week. In contrast, working the same number of hours, registered nurses and certified nurse assistants can make upwards of $50,000 per year.


As these jobs require less schooling than traditional medical jobs, it reduces education expenses. It can be a significant advantage for those who do not have the time or money to invest in a lengthy education. So, these jobs are appealing to students who want to complete their schooling for less money.

Early Employment

With less schooling, students can get to work early and fulfill their dreams of becoming medical professionals. Thus, you can set a path for a fruitful career with these jobs.

Best High Paying Medical Jobs with Little Schooling

Top 10 High Paying Medical Jobs with Little Schooling

The following 10 medical jobs are high-paying but require only a high school diploma or GED with a basic associate degree obtained through a rigorous training program.

1. Medical Assistant

As the name suggests, medical assistants are professionals who assist physicians and other team members with the necessary details required for the smooth operation of healthcare facilities. They work alongside doctors and nurses, helping them with administrative and clinical jobs. They assist in everything from prepping up diagnostic rooms to maintaining patient records. Also, they take note of patients’ vital signs and prepare them for medical procedures and surgeries.

Educational Requirement: The minimum qualification of a medical assistant is a high school diploma or equivalent. You can also be a graduate of an authorized medical assistant program.

Average Annual Salary: $42,327

Years of ExperienceSalary per Year
Less than 1 year$39,575
1 – 2 years$41,262
3 – 5 years$44,261
6 – 9 years$45,115
More than 10 years$49,906

2. Licensed Practical Nurse

The job role of a licensed practical nurse resembles a medical assistant in some ways, but each has its own responsibilities to meet. A licensed practical nurse operates under the supervision of registered nurses (RNs) and physicians, helping them take care of all patient requirements. Some of these needs include assisting patients in getting dressed, moving around, and ensuring they take their food timely.

Educational Requirement: One must graduate from an accredited LPN training program.

Average Annual Salary: $60,146

Years of experienceSalary per Year
Less than 1 year$56,613
3 – 5 years$62,175
6 – 9 years$62,321
More than 10 years$64,663

3. Phlebotomist

These medical technicians collect blood samples from patients, abiding by the rules and regulations of the hospital or clinic where they work. After sample collection, they take the necessary precautions to label and send them to the laboratories. Also, they ensure that the lab tests are performed as per the doctor’s instructions.

Educational Requirement: You should pursue a phlebotomy program, which generally takes 1 year to complete, to get this job.

Average Annual Salary: $49, 270

Years of ExperienceSalary per Year
Less than 1 year$47,433
6 – 9 years$54,422
More than 10 years$54,642

4. Surgical Technologist

Surgical technologists are professional technicians who prepare operating rooms before any medical surgery. They keep operating rooms sterile and all surgical tools well-arranged before an operation. Also, they help prepare patients for surgery. Besides, these professionals share surgical procedures with the surgeons and ensure that it finishes appropriately.

Educational Requirement: One must complete an associate degree program to get hired for this role.

Average Annual Salary: $109,561

Years of ExperienceSalary per Year
1 – 2 years$103,261
3 – 5 years$114,767

5. Dental Assistant

High Paying Medical Jobs with Little Schooling: Dental Assistant

As the name suggests, dental assistants help dentists during medical procedures. They are also responsible for keeping the operating rooms ready before treatment. These professionals take X-rays of the patients and aid in dental cleaning and polishing procedures. However, apart from laboratory and patient care-related work, dental assistants also perform some office-based tasks.

Educational Requirement: You should complete a dental assistant training course diploma to stand out efficiently in this field.

Average Annual Salary: $68,037

Years of ExperienceSalary per Year
Less than 1 year$59,786
1 – 2 years$65,169
3 – 5 years$74,807
6 – 9 years$78,163
More than 10 years$84,847

6. Massage Therapist

These professionals are trained to perform massage therapy to manipulate soft tissues and muscles of the human body through touch. By performing these procedures effectively, they strive to relieve the pain and stress of patients. Massage therapists can work for healthcare units, clinics, physicians, personal care service providers, and amusement and recreation facilitators. However, they can also set up their own massage therapy parlor and work independently. You can become qualified at massage therapy schools near you.

Educational Requirement: You should complete a massage therapy program and be certified or licensed to enroll in this job.

Average Annual Salary: $55,126

Years of ExperienceSalary per Year
Less than 1 year$43,122
1 – 2 years$48,133
3 – 5 years$62,607
More than 10 years$75,462

7. Ophthalmic Technician

These technicians work under ophthalmologists by helping with visual tests and eye surgical procedures. Also, they monitor patients’ regular eye checkups and record the progress of their medical history for the patient’s well-being. Ophthalmic medical technicians also perform vision and diagnostic tests.

Educational Requirement: You must earn an associate’s degree, including 1-year          certificate or diploma in a CAAHEP-accredited OT program.

Average Annual Salary: $44,441

Years of ExperienceSalary per Year
1 – 2 years$40,944
More than 10 years$61,732

8. Registered Nurse

The job responsibilities of a registered nurse or RN highly depend on where they work.

When working in a hospital, they generally assist doctors in caring for patients. From communicating with patients, monitoring their current health status, and recording medical history to formulating patient care plans, administering their treatment and medications, and supervising various nursing assistants, an RN performs all. Besides, they also help doctors during medical procedures.

However, when registered nurses are employed in a physician’s office, along with these tasks, they also perform some administrative work.

Educational Requirement: One must have at least an associate degree in nursing (ADN) to apply for RN jobs.

Average Annual Salary: $93,089

Years of ExperienceSalary per Year
Less than 1 year$84,133
1 – 2 years$90,435
3 – 5 years$94,922
6 – 9 years$98,345
More than 10 years$109,961

9. Physical Therapist Assistant

They practice physical therapy of patients under the supervision of an experienced physical therapist. These professionals help patients with mobility-related problems perform regular exercises, undergo cold and heat treatments, and gain therapeutic massages. They regularly observe and record the patient’s performance to analyze their improvement. Besides, physical therapist assistants also organize the operating room before therapy.

Educational Requirement: You should earn a state license and need to become certified in addition to having an Associate Degree.

Average Annual Salary: $75,024    

Years of ExperienceSalary per Year
Less than 1 year$67,387
6 – 9 years$81,551
More than 10 years$81,928

10. Respiratory Therapist

A respiratory therapist monitors patients with difficulty breathing or other respiratory problems like asthma, lung cancer, bronchitis, pneumonia, chest trauma, etc. They assist physicians in diagnosing acute respiratory illnesses in patients and planning for their treatments. They can also effectively operate ventilators and other equipment pieces needed for medical therapy. Moreover, these professionals check blood oxygen levels, record vital signs, incubate patients, execute lung function tests, and more.

Educational Requirement: You must have a minimal associate’s degree or a bachelor’s in respiratory therapy to become eligible for this job position. There are respiratory therapist schools which specialize in this training.

Average Annual Salary: $127,700

Years of ExperienceSalary per Year
Less than 1 year$121,041
1 – 2 years$119,899
More than 10 years$147,283


These are the 10 best and most commonly applied high-paying medical jobs that require little schooling in the US. While each of these jobs has its own set of requirements, all of them provide good salaries and innumerable benefits. Most students who don’t have enough time and money to complete their education and those who want to earn more bucks with less schooling can take advantage of these medical jobs.

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