Henry Ford College

Your choice of a college will change your life. It’s an exciting decision, and there are so many reasons to choose Henry Ford College, the FutureDriven educational home for thousands of students each year. Whatever your life goals, we will help you identify and achieve them.

We start by listening and learning about you: your talents and skills, your passions and dreams. We provide a pathway to your future, whether than means a workforce or technical education program, a certification program, or a full-fledged degree program. And if you want a second career or a stackable credential, we’ll help you earn that, too.

Available Programs

  • Business
  • Children & Education
  • Computer Technology
  • Culinary Arts + Hospitality Management
  • Health Professions & Fitness
  • Industrial Arts & Technology
  • Liberal Arts
  • STEM
  • Trade and Apprentice
  • Visual, Performing & Media Arts

Henry Ford College Locations

  • Dearborn, MI