Dodge City Community College

Dodge City Community College has an 85-year tradition of helping students conquer their career and educational goals by providing outstanding educational opportunities at an affordable price. Like thousands of DC3 students before you, I know that during your time here, you will build relationships and connections you will cherish for a lifetime
Back in 1935, when the first group of DC3 students set out to choose a mascot, they considered many different options. However, when the student body voted on the top six suggestions, the Conquistador was the clear winner. The students liked the name because of the area’s history—Spanish conquistador Francisco Vázquez de Coronado had explored the region in 1541—and because they knew the Spanish word ‘conquistador’ meant conqueror.

Available Programs

  • Allied Health
  • Cosmetology
  • Fine Arts & Performing Arts
  • Health, Physical Education, Recreation
  • Humanities
  • Math & Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Technical & Vocational

Dodge City Community College Locations

  • Dodge City, KS