Baltimore Studio of Hair Design

In 1973, a young cosmetology teacher named Larry purchased a small beauty school on the second floor building in downtown Baltimore on the corner of Fayette and Howard Street. The school was called Baltimore Studio of Hair Design and it resided in a narrow space shared by a Chiropractic Office and was the cosmetology training center for 16 students and their two instructors. Little did Larry know at the time, but over 35 years later this little school would eventually expand to a much larger building, add two more locations, hire over 30 staff members and become one of Maryland’s top Cosmetology training academies where over 250 students attend annually.
In the mid 1970’s, “The Studio” as called by locals in the community started off with a few students and a public clinic that worked with about 10 clients per week. Over the years the school grew with the community and eventually, “the Studio” expanded to all three levels of the building on the corner of Fayette and Howard and increased its clinic work to service an average of around 200 clients per week. In late 2001, after Baltimore City approved the Center Point Project, Baltimore Development Corporation worked with Baltimore Studio on relocating the school 3 blocks north to its present location at 318 North Howard Street.

Available Programs

  • Cosmetology
  • Nail Technician
  • Financial Aid

Baltimore Studio of Hair Design Locations

  • Baltimore, MD