Top 6-month certificate programs that pay well

If you’re looking for a career and have limited time to invest in training, plenty of options still pay well. You can pursue countless career options depending on your financial needs, values, interests, skills, education, and training. While some jobs require a college degree, others may call for a high school diploma and specialized certificate. We have look a the best selection of 6-month certificate programs that pay well in the United States.

6-month certificate programs that pay well

If you want to advance your career but need more time to afford school or try something new, then a 6-month certificate program is perfect. Certificate programs are short-term programs that typically take less than one year to complete.

These programs offer students the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge in an area of interest or expertise while earning valuable credentials that can help them land their dream job after graduation. This article will help you find short certification programs that boost your income.

Why Enroll in a 6-Month Certificate Program?

If you want to earn well, make your resume look good, and gain job knowledge, then enrolling in a 6-month certificate program may be right for you.

Some popular fields for certificates include accounting, marketing, business administration and management, human resources management, computer technology and information systems, health care support services, office support services, and medical assisting. Below are some reasons to enroll in such a program.

1. Increases Your Income

If you want to get paid more, it’s time to learn new skills. A certificate will help demonstrate that you’ve committed to continuing education, which will benefit you and your employer.

2. Looks Good on a Resume

Many employers regard certificates as an essential indicator of professional growth and commitment. Certificates demonstrate that you’re eager to invest in yourself to continue growing your expertise.

3. Helps Continue Education

Continuing education is something most companies require from their employees. It shows employers that you care about your personal development and job performance.

4. Facilitates Networking

A certificate program gives you access to other students who are also interested in advancing their careers through continuing education. These relationships may lead to new professional connections or even future job opportunities.

5. Offers Enhanced Job Knowledge

The skills you learn in a 6-month certificate program will help prepare you. Whether you’re looking for advancement opportunities within the same company or something entirely new, having these skills will help ensure that.

8 Best 6-month certificate programs that pay well

Best 6-month certificate programs that pay well

Many people look for programs that offer the most bang for their buck. Like many Americans, you may be considering returning to school to earn a certificate in an area of interest. The good news is that some great options offer a quick turnaround and a great return on investment (ROI).

Here are the 8 top-notch certificate programs that you can complete in 6 months.

1. Phlebotomy Tech

There are few jobs as rewarding and noble as those of a phlebotomist. They play a vital role in the health and wellness industry. Also, technological advances make phlebotomists more productive, accurate, and efficient. The phlebotomy technician program is one of the most popular certificate programs, with a high demand for students graduating from this program.

The 6-month phlebotomy tech certificate program provides students with the skills they need to work in this field, including all of the anatomy and physiology required to understand how the human body works. The coursework includes extensive training on taking blood samples safely and effectively without causing harm or discomfort to patients or staff members.

In the phlebotomy classes you will learn what tools you need for different types of draws, how to read test results correctly, how to handle emergencies involving bleeding or other medical issues, how to perform tests such as urinalysis using microscopes, etc.

Job Growth: 10%

Average Salaries: $37,380

Yearly Openings: 135500

2. IT Support

The 6-Month IT Support Certificate Program is the perfect way to start a career in IT support. You’ll learn about computer systems and networks and gain hands-on experience installing and configuring hardware devices and operating system administration. This program also prepares you to sit for the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

Upon completing this certificate program, you should have no problem finding an entry-level job as a network technician. It focuses on information technology principles, including data communications, operating systems, database management, network administration, and security.

A customer service assistant in the IT Support field can start at an entry level of $30,000 to $50,000 per year. An entry-level outside of IT support can earn about $18,000 annually.

Job Growth: 6%

Average Salaries: $57,910

Yearly Openings: 56400

3. Brick Mason

A brick mason is a skilled craftsman who builds with bricks, concrete blocks, and other materials. A person who works as a brick mason is called a bricklayer. The work of a brick mason includes the following.

  • Laying bricks for walls and foundations
  • Building chimneys
  • Laying paving stones
  • Installing fireplaces, partitions, and flooring

Bricklayers also install window frames, doors, and hardware. Bricklayers often work on construction sites, but they may also work in private homes. Many bricklayers work full-time during the summer when most construction projects are underway. Some work year-round in residential areas where there is less demand for their services during cold weather when most people stay indoors.

The curriculum for these programs is in two parts: classroom instruction, which you can complete online or in-person, and hands-on training through an apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship provides students real-world experience that will help them succeed as bricklayers once they graduate.

Job Growth: 2%

Average Salaries: $48,040

Yearly Openings: 5900

4. Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer may be your calling if you enjoy fitness and helping others. This program is for you if you can’t wait to get out of the gym and start assisting clients to reach their goals.

It is a 6-month certificate program with courses in exercise science and nutrition and practical training on designing effective exercise programs. You’ll also learn about anatomy and physiology, so you can understand what’s happening inside your clients’ bodies and know how to help them get results.

Job Growth: 19%

Average Salaries: 40700

Yearly Openings: $57,800

5. Air Traffic controller

Becoming an air traffic controller is one of the most rewarding and secure careers you can pursue. With a 6-month certificate program, you’ll be on your way to landing an entry-level job at an airport or national airspace system (NAS) facility. Air traffic controllers have some of the best jobs in the world — and they pay well, too.

You can earn more than double what most people make in other occupations. And even though you need only a 6-month certificate program to get started as an air traffic controller, there are still plenty of opportunities for advancement within this field. There are also opportunities for becoming certified by organizations such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Job Growth: 1%

Average Salaries: $129,750

Yearly Openings: 100

6. Firefighter

This job pays well, is in high demand, and requires a certificate. Firefighters are the first responders to fires and other emergencies, so they are critical to public safety. This 6-month certificate program will give you the skills required to become a firefighter.

You’ll learn about firefighting equipment and safety protocols and how to perform basic tasks such as extinguishing flames and rescuing people from burning buildings. You’ll also receive training on operating specialized equipment such as breathing apparatus and self-contained breathing apparatuses.

You will learn how to use water hoses, rescue people from high places, save people from drowning situations, perform CPR on cardiac arrest victims, remove electrical hazards from buildings, and manage an emergency response team.

Job Growth: 4%

Average Salaries: $50,000

Yearly Openings: 13900

7. Automobile Service Station Manager

The Automobile Service Station Manager program prepares you for the automotive service industry by providing the skills necessary to manage an auto repair shop. Students will learn how to manage employees, promote customer satisfaction, and keep their businesses profitable.

This certificate program includes coursework in management principles and practices and business law, accounting, marketing, and advertising. The Certificate in Automobile Service Station Management is a 6-month program ideal for managers who wish to advance their careers through additional education. The certificate can be earned online or on campus throughout New York. 

Job Growth: 6%

Average Salaries: $61,000

Yearly Openings: 150,000

8. Bookkeeper

If you want to break into the business world, bookkeeping jobs are some of the most in-demand positions available. Bookkeepers keep track of company finances and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

They help companies improve their bottom line by ensuring that money is spent wisely, bills get paid on time, and everything follows the budget. Bookkeeping jobs require strong organizational skills. They also need excellent communication skills to communicate effectively with other departments in their company, clients, or customers.

Job Growth: 5%

Average Salaries: $45,060

Yearly Openings: 197,600


A 6-month long certificate program will help you train in a specific field and land a better-paying job. Such programs can be very beneficial in almost any industry. According to the BLS, the positions above are all careers with 6-month certificate programs that pay well, a crucial detail for students who want to make money quickly upon graduation. They also have promising outlooks and can lead to more lucrative careers in the future.

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